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A new start!

Alright, let's be honest, this blogging thing hasn't really worked out so far, has it? When I first had the idea of starting to blog, I said I wouldn't want to have certain days on which I post, because then sometimes it will just be something completely boring and heartless post, but now I have made a compromise: I will blog every Tuesday and occasionally on weekends, but if there are days on which I just can't think of any content, I won't blog because there's no sense in blogging if it's a "must". Also, I will maybe write a few posts in German.So this was an announcement for today, I will blog again on the weekend or next Tuesday!Love, me xx
15.3.16 17:22

Loving yourself and being in love with yourself!

"Before you are loved, you need to love yourself." But what is the difference between loving yourself and being in love with yourself?Loving yourself means that you are at peace with yourself. It means that when somebody mocks you, you don't start doubting if it may be true what those people say, because you know it isn't true. Loving yourself means that you are self confident enough to think that you are intelligent, funny, pretty, whatever, but you don't think you're not. But being in love with yourself means that you think you're more intelligent than everyone else, that you are the funniest person existing and prettier than anyone else. Loving yourself is hard, there aren't any instructions how to do so like for everything else, but we're used to having instructions for everything, and that's why it's even more strengthening when you've learned to do so.And remember, whatever other people tell you, there will always be way more people that love you, including yourself. If you know that it's not true what the haters say about you, you've already won.
16.2.16 17:31

Be at peace with yourself!

So, I just walked through the city in the rain being a pretty grumpy typical teenager mood, and then I told myself to smile.
I mean, why can't you walk by yourself and smile because you're always thinking people will think it's weird when you smile whilst nobody is with you who could make you laugh?
Why can't you just be who you are and do what you like because you're always worried about other people's opinion about you?
Something I've realised so often the past few months is, that whenever you walk past strangers on the road, you look at them, they look at you, but as soon as you're face to face with them and actually cross them, you look away and don't greet, let alone even smile. There is no problem with living your character, and you don't have to be ashamed of it.
As long as you are at peace with yourself and you know that you are great the way you are, you should give nothing on what other people think & say about you!
And being yourself counts more for the inside and your character, but can't you also change your look?
Obviously, if you like the trends then wear the clothes that are 'in' but if you actually just dress in what's 'stylish' because other people do, then stop that! The trends come from some stars who did something different and everyone liked it. Imagine if all the stars just dressed like everyone else does, they wouldn't get half the attention they get as long as they dress crazily and differently! But so many people have said this before. And instead of complaining about other people, I will start doing the things I complained about different myself.
I just smiled at a girl I walk by every Tuesday, but usually we never greet or smile at each other. So I smiled and she smiled and she then even said hi, and I'm telling you that that feeling was amazing.
So think about it!
Since I'm at peace with myself, I'm crazy and weird and maybe even embarrassing with my friends, but I don't care because I know that that's how I am and that I am good the way I am, which doesn't mean that I am in love with myself because there's a difference between loving yourself and being in love with yourself, but that's a whole different story again and I will write about that another day.
Love, me
2.2.16 18:32

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