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Loving yourself and being in love with yourself!

"Before you are loved, you need to love yourself." But what is the difference between loving yourself and being in love with yourself?Loving yourself means that you are at peace with yourself. It means that when somebody mocks you, you don't start doubting if it may be true what those people say, because you know it isn't true. Loving yourself means that you are self confident enough to think that you are intelligent, funny, pretty, whatever, but you don't think you're not. But being in love with yourself means that you think you're more intelligent than everyone else, that you are the funniest person existing and prettier than anyone else. Loving yourself is hard, there aren't any instructions how to do so like for everything else, but we're used to having instructions for everything, and that's why it's even more strengthening when you've learned to do so.And remember, whatever other people tell you, there will always be way more people that love you, including yourself. If you know that it's not true what the haters say about you, you've already won.
16.2.16 17:31

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